World Broomball Championships – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Latest update:                 

The IFBA Board has held a meeting to discuss the running of the 2020 IFBA World Broomball Championships in 2021 in the regular time slot of early November.

The continued and in many locations globally serious escalation of the Covid virus where the effect on communities has had deeply concerning effects to social and economic structures, has seen extensive methods to combat the pandemic put in place that affects travel as well as financial restraints to large sections of society.

The need to develop, distribute and administer a vaccine further adds to the complex nature of the issue. 

While disappointing the ongoing concerns around the pandemic that is Covid-19 again sees the IFBA Board agree that the only correct decision for 2021 is that the IFBA World Broomball Championships shall not take place in 2021 and further shall be deferred to 2022 which will also be subject to safe and suitable global conditions.

The host Kingston is still keen to run the event when the conditions allow us to do so in a safe manner and all efforts shall be put in place to make it so at that time.

The IFBA Board will continue to monitor and gather information with regard to making critical decisions with regard to the IFBA World Broomball Championships.

Clearly the need to have a safe vaccine and the ability to freely travel are among the most important points, both largely unknowns right now.

Using updated information in a timely manner will allow us to make further decisions with regard to running the event in 2022 as well as supporting any regional events that take place. IFBA Board meetings throughout this year will keep a strong focus on the possibilities and any decisions shall be communicated in a timely manner.